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I Manifested My Dream Job

One year ago today, I wrote these words in my journal:

"I want to be part of the development and teachings for the education system of New Earth"


… the next year I was given an incredible & completely aligned opportunity to work as a guest Teacher at the School of Magic: Alternative Micro School. This school is heavily focused on teaching children every day life skills including emotional intelligence and connection. These two topics in my belief are of incredible value for a high quality of life.


For 7 weeks I came in every Monday to colourful mats and loving, courageous, and excited faces of two different age groups. The children were ages 4-8 and 9-12. We learned about the properties of each energy center such as colour, organ function, and emotional function. After the educational information we moved into the experiential and  innerstandings portion with the sound healing and guided meditation. We focused on sensations and visuals, as well as emotions and intuitive messages. We practiced feeling into our energy, connecting our roots to mother earth and cleansing our energetic centers and field while also resetting and regulation our nervous system with deeo breaths and a relaxing state.


The children honestly blew me away with their ability to stay calm and focused. Their ability to tap in to their own energy, intuition, and emotions. As well as share their experiences with incredible detail and a large range of differences was beautiful to witness. We began within the 5 - 7 minute range and by our last session we were up to a whopping 20 minutes! They did sooo good and I can't wait to go back next year and dive even deeper with them!


I am constantly blown away by the universe giving us what we dare to accept and step into. I truly believe my purpose is to hold space for others and guide them to themselves, their own energy, their heart, their emotions, their healing, their gifts.. All of it. That it is so important for our children to have these abilities and tools of navigation to understand themselves. That is what we as humanity need to evolve and grow into a beautiful free and abundant race. I am so honoured and humbled that it is already here and I was given such a beautiful connection and opportunity!


This is only the beginning <3

Dream BIG

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