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How to know if your Root Chakra or 1st Energy Center is blocked

1. You often experience states of anxiety and fear

Because this chakra is our energy center linked to survival and survival instincts. When this blocked or cut off it can leave one feeling depleted and anxiously concerned for survival.

2. You may find yourself complaining and viewing your physical needs as unimportant or annoying.

The root chakra offers the energy that is our primal drive to survive and so when this energy is lacking it can really impact our perspective, motivation, and emotions towards life.

3. You feel disconnected from your body

You may slip into neglectful behavior because you are not well tuned in or properly tending to your physical health.

4. You feel disconnected from the earth

The Root is our connection to the Earth and all of its loving and abundant energy. We are nature and if your Root is lacking energy than you may feel separate.

5. You may lack a sense of belonging

And in the same breath when you feel separate you may also feel foreign, or that you don't belong.

6. You often struggle to focus

Without a sense of security and/or stability or mind can become chaotic, and we maybe find it hard to focus as our central nervous system will be over functioning in our frantic, survival mode state.

7. You feel like you don’t have enough energy

“The root chakra is our first energy center that offers primal energy that powers us to survive; when this chakra is blocked it can block off the flow of energy to all the other areas of your energy body and this can leave you feeling very depleted.”

8. You often experience emotional, mental and physical instability

When the root is balanced with feel stable and secure, when it is imbalanced it is likely to feel like we are unstable or out of control.

9. You have recurring health issues.

Organs related to the root include reproductive organs, kidneys and the spine. You may have excessive weight gain or loss due to anxiety and stress as well.

As the root Is our 1st energy center the amount of energy that is able to flow through directly affects all other centers – therefor it can be extremely hard to heal and function optimally.

10. You constantly struggle to have your basic needs met.

If you are struggling with your finances, paying rent, or keeping a job, or food on the table this is a very telling sign that you need to connect with your Root.

11. You find it difficult to trust

“When we lack the support and nourishment, we need it can become a lot harder to trust those around us, life, God, the universe, or even ourselves.

When your root chakra is blocked you may experience emotions of frustration, feeling like a victim, feeling stuck, and depleted.

All of these feelings are side effects of the lack of energy flow and these feelings and experiences can make it really difficult to deeply trust that you will survive and that you can grow beyond just the focus on survival.”

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