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September felt awful! I'm not going to lie. My experience was one of unsteadiness, to say the least. Even though some things in my life were going so great, and I really had nothing to complain about, I felt off. I felt disconnected and ungrounded. I felt lost and had a lack of clarity.

I had a constant sense of being overwhelmed, but it felt like it was more in the air, like in the collective than actually mine. It felt like like everyone was feeling it but nobody was giving it any attention. Like we are all just running on the treadmill trying to get by, the elephant in the room was there, but everyone was looking the other way because deep down we know there is nothing we can really do about it.

The world is on the brink of change in a massive way. We all know it, we all feel it. Things are crashing and literally burning around us. Nothing we thought was true is true. Everything we have known and trusted is being questioned. The foundation of the world we thought we knew is in question. No one feels safe, no one knows how to prepare, we are all waiting to respond and yet we are all trying to get through our day-to-day as costs continue to rise and the circus continues lol it is quite fascinating.

To me, this is VERY exciting. The world needs to change, I think we can all agree that the way the world has been operating is not sustainable or beneficial for humans. SO YAY.... even though it hurts and its crazy and it feels weird.. I'm so excited.

I think of all the times in my personal life when I have felt things crumbling and burning, and then to what comes after, has always been an awesome rebirth creating and rebuilding myself and my life better than it was before. People and opportunities that I never thought of or saw coming just pop in and take me in a completely different more aligned direction.

I suggest instead of clinging to the way things were, being open to what may be!

These times are exciting because it means there is so much room and demand for creating new ways of being! New systems, new needs, new sources.. all the things.

What do you believe in? What would you like to see more of in the world?

We are here to create and to be of service. As we are all a unit, all the humans and the Earth. We need to start working together and being considerate and respectful and you simply cannot do that without healing yourself first.

Connection is key. That is my passion and what I am building my business around. I believe our passions are what we are here to bring to the world because they are what the world needs.

In September I experienced more conflict than I have in a long time. This is how I know massive transformation is ahead. These things were being brought to the surface in my personal life to show me where attention, healing, and boundaries were needed but also, how to move through conflict in a way that feels good for me. ( I did not succeed in case you were wondering… sometimes we learn how we want to behave be behaving the complete opposite) And that is the human experience.

It doesn't always feel good. It is often messy and sticky and crunchy, but from that is where miracles and creation are born.

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Although I am not ready to share details specifically about what I am currently dealing with in my life I would definitely like to share parts of my experience because I find it fascinating and super helpful.

Looking back and connecting dots…

About a month before ______ happened, I was feeling super stuck and my logical mind could not understand why. It didn't make sense. I was in such a good place in every area of my life. Everything was flowing so well and felt so right and I felt so accomplished - I felt like I had finally reached this place I had been searching for the last two-three years.

I had just had a breakthrough Workshop. It was deep, it was incredible, it felt like the pinnacle of what I am here to do and who I am here to serve. I was on cloud nine. Finally ready to step into my power, to up my worth and my value. I was so excited! I had all these juicy offerings lined up for the summer including making one of my dreams come to fruition a Full Day Retreat! And yet… I couldn't move forward. I was blocked. I wasn't having any inspiration for creating content, I wasn't feeling my normal pull to do all the things I needed to do… It literally felt like my feet were stuck in cement.

My mind knew what I wanted and what I needed and I couldn't understand why I wasn't able to feel excited and lit up and have all the energy to do all the amazing things.. I had made commitments, I had put out announcements… why the heck was I blocked??… It wasn't making sense, this is what I wanted, what I've been working towards! I'm ready!

I was so frustrated, I thought maybe there was some self worth stuff holding me back because I had decided to raise my prices… Maybe some limiting beliefs.. What was it?

And then…3 weeks later I was hit with life altering news.. My world had been turned upside down. And now it all makes sense. There is no way I would I have been able to move forward with all the things I had planned… I would have had to canceled refund and change dates and it would have been a fucking mess! I would have had to deal with shame and failure on top of everything else. Thank GOODNESS!

The reason I want to share this is because this has been an incredible reminder that I can't control everything and life is crazy. I would have saved myself a lot of frustration and anguish if I surrendered to what my body and my instincts were telling me before I got the news…. and the beauty is next time I will, because I know what it feels like now - The awareness is there.

And this entire process is helping me deepen into my next offering and offerings. By allowing myself to be able to surrender - to drop literally everything and take a time out for my recovery, I am giving you permission to do the same.

And while I am giving myself space it's amazing what is coming through - I can feel myself incubating and processing and deepening. I know that when I'm through this the new version of me that I have been waiting for will be ready to rise and fully step into her power. It truly is like Phoenix coming out of the ashes. This is the human experience. There is no getting around it- this is how it works. Sometimes in order to grow everything has to be set on fire, we have to break down and break open in order to build our new selves, better, and stronger than before. It is beautiful and it is painful. It is hard but it is great.

I'm grateful for all of it.

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1. You often experience states of anxiety and fear

Because this chakra is our energy center linked to survival and survival instincts. When this blocked or cut off it can leave one feeling depleted and anxiously concerned for survival.

2. You may find yourself complaining and viewing your physical needs as unimportant or annoying.

The root chakra offers the energy that is our primal drive to survive and so when this energy is lacking it can really impact our perspective, motivation, and emotions towards life.

3. You feel disconnected from your body

You may slip into neglectful behavior because you are not well tuned in or properly tending to your physical health.

4. You feel disconnected from the earth

The Root is our connection to the Earth and all of its loving and abundant energy. We are nature and if your Root is lacking energy than you may feel separate.

5. You may lack a sense of belonging

And in the same breath when you feel separate you may also feel foreign, or that you don't belong.

6. You often struggle to focus

Without a sense of security and/or stability or mind can become chaotic, and we maybe find it hard to focus as our central nervous system will be over functioning in our frantic, survival mode state.

7. You feel like you don’t have enough energy

“The root chakra is our first energy center that offers primal energy that powers us to survive; when this chakra is blocked it can block off the flow of energy to all the other areas of your energy body and this can leave you feeling very depleted.”

8. You often experience emotional, mental and physical instability

When the root is balanced with feel stable and secure, when it is imbalanced it is likely to feel like we are unstable or out of control.

9. You have recurring health issues.

Organs related to the root include reproductive organs, kidneys and the spine. You may have excessive weight gain or loss due to anxiety and stress as well.

As the root Is our 1st energy center the amount of energy that is able to flow through directly affects all other centers – therefor it can be extremely hard to heal and function optimally.

10. You constantly struggle to have your basic needs met.

If you are struggling with your finances, paying rent, or keeping a job, or food on the table this is a very telling sign that you need to connect with your Root.

11. You find it difficult to trust

“When we lack the support and nourishment, we need it can become a lot harder to trust those around us, life, God, the universe, or even ourselves.

When your root chakra is blocked you may experience emotions of frustration, feeling like a victim, feeling stuck, and depleted.

All of these feelings are side effects of the lack of energy flow and these feelings and experiences can make it really difficult to deeply trust that you will survive and that you can grow beyond just the focus on survival.”

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