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I'm Courtney Roddis

I'm an adventurer and explorer. I love the mountains.

I love experiencing new experiences and building personal relationships is my souls purpose. I live in London, Ontario.



When I was 22, after I graduated college I moved from Ontario to BC and lived in Panorama Mountain Village, a gorgeous ski resort in the Purcell mountains. I fell in love British Columbia, the mountains, hiking and snowboarding.  After 3 years I moved to Queenstown New Zealand to do a back to back winter season and I ended up staying there for two years because it's incredible! Travelling allowed me to listen to my soul and figure out who I was.  I went back to the West Coast of Canada for a bit and eventually back to London, Ontario with my fam. This experience gave me confidence to stand in my truth and played a big part in choosing this path to service others and expand them. I love to laugh, I love to hold space for others to feel seen and heard. I am a natural healer, I believe in the magic and power of the universe. I believe that we are all connected and that deep down we all want the same thing.

To love and to be loved.


I started my coaching journey in 2019 I attended Health Coach Institute and came out with a dual certification in Health and Life Coaching. I knew I wanted to find a career that was aligned with who I was so that it felt natural to me. When I found this course I thought at the very least I would benefit with understanding how to be the best me. I fell IN LOVE with self help, the mind, our bodies and unlocking our unlimited potential. I have obtained over 200 hours coaching and I have seen success with every client I work with.


"This is my gift, my calling, my purpose. Every single day I work towards improving myself because I know it will not only benefit my life but every person who is part of it as well. The more I learn the more I can share, it's truly never ending and I love that."

It is my mission

to inspire, motivate, empower and teach others that we can all achieve the life of our dreams by consciously using our minds and choosing our thoughts. I want to inspire you to know and believe the power you hold, and that you can have anything and everything you want. You and your mindset are the answer. I can't wait to help you take your power back!

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