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This course can no longer be booked.

Trusting The Divine Feminine

Give yourself permission to rest and take care of yourself

  • Ended
  • 77 Canadian dollars
  • 1010 Dundas St. London On, N5W 3A3

Service Description

The Intention of this event is to help you accept, connect, and lean into your Divine Feminine energy. To give yourself permission to rest, to nurture yourself, and to make space to receive. To help you understand that not only is it Okay, not only is It NOT selfish.. it is necessary! Our society operates and conditions us to be mostly in a masculine energy - just look at the language we use today: Grind, Hustle, Killed it, Slayed it.. We are missing the balance of receiving, allowing, resting, nurturing. No wondering most of us feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and anxious most of the time. Not to mention the daunting feeling of never doing enough, getting enough done, finishing our to do’s, feeling guilt around rest, taking a break or caring for ourselves.. Enough is Enough! None of these crucial and necessary things are built into the systems that we currently live in. In fact a lot of them are viewed as selfish and unnecessary. WE need to reprogram this limiting belief and conditioning in order to FEEL good, to have all of the energy, to be our best versions! It’s time to reprogram, invite and trust the Divine Feminine within and break free from the current conditioning that keeps us operating out of survival mode. Rest is productive. Rest is a necessity for your mental and physical and emotional well being. Rest makes us better for not only ourselves but everyone around us. This workshop will include: A deepening connection & understanding of your own Divine Feminine Energy Understanding the Masculine driven society we live in and how it affects us How to invite in, trust, and allow our Divine Feminine Energy into your daily lives Looking at the different phases of the women’s cycle Guided Meditation to connect with your inner Goddess A safe and comforting space Tea & Nibbles

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London, ON, Canada

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